Walnut Slab Desk

2013 – 63″w x 24″d x 27″h

Claro Walnut, Alder, Wenge, Maple

Desks don’t have to be complicated, and this one is sized to accommodate a simple monitor-based computer at a height that is ergonomically correct for typing, 27”.  The lone pencil drawer cleverly pivots outward on a post, suspended on a curved track.  No need for anything else, as it just invites clutter.

This desk is narrow enough to keep clients close and personal. Its comfort and beauty inspire confidence, which helps to seal the deal.  The grain pattern undulates into a fiery mess, making it a shame to cover it up with office stuff: again, keep it simple.

The desk top is a Claro Walnut slab that is extra thick, at 2½ inches.  The active figure on the right is the crotch of the tree, where the tree separates into its first two branches off of the main trunk.  The curved sitting area is an organic natural edge, with the fragile bark removed.  The straight long edge is where the clients sit and is softened with a gentle elliptical round-over for their comfort.

The dark chocolate colored feet, tenons that pierce the top, and drawer front are made from Wenge, which contrasts nicely with the Alder legs and Walnut slab.  The legs are book-matched on the visible face, which adds an element of symmetry to an otherwise organic form.  Even the unconscious details add quality.


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