Charlie’s Projects

I had a couple of chairs that needed replacement.  I looked around a bit, but could not find anything suitable.  After seeing Scott’s work I knew he was up to the task of creating the replacements.

A big joy was working with Scott in designing the replacement chairs.  During numerous meetings we tossed ideas back & forth in creating a chair with the right proportions and with a design that met my vision and needs.  That interaction continued during the process of making that initial design a reality.

Scott suggested that an end table would be a good compliment to the chairs, and I agreed, so we started of on this new project.  In fact, I decided to have Scott build me two end tables!  Again, the collaboration to come up with designs was very positive.  The results are absolutely stunning; they are an awesome complement to the two chairs, and are a significant addition to my living room.

Now I am looking forward to working with Scott to create a coffee table, a project that is just starting.

Click on these links to see the Chillaxin Chairs, Conversation Table, and Bubbles Table.