Rorschach Coffee Table 1

2011 – 53”w x 23”d x 16¾”h

curly-burly-wormy Soft-Maple, African Mahogany, Wenge, Cherry

This was the first piece I had made for myself in many years.  My wife wanted the ability to comfortably sit under it Japanese style and a drawer that opens to both sides.  My design requirement was that I could only use materials that were already on hand.

A beautiful matched set of Maple boards had shown up in a basic lumber order one day, so they had been set aside for a special project.  A small, thick chunk of Mahogany was quartered into the legs and small pieces of valuable Wenge were added as contrasting accents.

When two boards come off the log sequentially, a near mirror image can be achieved.  But with the loss of wood in the milling process, the exact mirror is lost.  So instead chasing an impossibility, I separate the two pieces with a dark line to break up the match.

The Mahogany legs are joined to the top via a traditional wedged-mortise-and-tenon joint with Wenge brackets for additional stability.  The drawer opens on both the front and back for easy access to both sides.


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