Purpleheart Mirror

2010 – 25½”w x 2”d x 46½”h

Wenge, Purpleheart, White Oak

These clients collect modern art with colorful earth tones and sweeping arcs. They also collect furniture to complement their other art. They wanted way to cover the fuse panel in the foyer, so I suggested a mirror-table combination.

I made three pieces for their new home, which was an old Denver elementary school remodeled into several large town-homes.  This mirror pairs with the Horizon Entry Table, while the Neapolitan Prairie Table is the focal point of the main living area.

This was a true collaboration as we had more than 9 revisions with heavy involvement from the clients.

Planetary objects fascinate me, especially their interaction with the horizon and the color changes that ensue. This rising sun/moon motif forms a completed concept with the matching Horizon Mirror below.

The developer put an ugly electrical panel directly in the entryway, so this mirror serves the functional purpose of covering the panel and swings on a double-hinge system to allow easy access.

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