Project Cost

Custom hand-made furniture is, quite frankly, expensive, but a great value because it is:

  • superior to mass produced, low-quality Chinese/IKEA
  • not available in any stores/catalogs and truly unique
  • far more durable and will endure for generations!
  • designed to suit your particular functions and needs
  • styled to match your tastes and the space it will live in
  • crafted from the best hand-picked materials available

Our hourly rate is $65, very reasonable for such a specialized skill. Cheaper than an electrician/plumber and far less than your lawyer. This rate covers our labor, overhead, and taxes with hopefully some left over for reinvestment into the business.

As an example project: a dining room table could require 120 hours (x $65/hour) of designing/fabrication/finish/installation and $2000 in materials.  This amounts to a total cost of $9,800 for a table that will last for generations.  That’s a real value.  Unlike a new car that costs more than 4 times as much and only lasts 5 years.


There are 2 types of contracts: fixed price or time & materials. Most agreements are a fixed price contract based on estimated hours and materials. But occasionally, a project may be too complicated to accurately estimate and would need to be charged for the actual labor hours and materials.

Open Discosure

We feel that it is important for clients to understand all the underlying costs. As part of the proposal, you will be presented with a detailed cost estimate in spreadsheet format. The labor hours are estimated for each task and all of the materials, like lumber, hardware, glue and finish, are tallied to account for the total project costs. Here is an example of our standard cost estimation spreadsheet for the Neapolitan Sofa Table, Horizon Entry Table, and Purpleheart Mirror.

Payment Methods

We accept cash or check. We also accept credit card payments via PayPal, but with a 3.5% surcharge.

An initial deposit is required that consists of the material costs plus half of the labor. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance and any taxes are paid on completion of the project. In the above dining table example, the initial deposit would be $7,650 with a final payment of $5,250 plus local sales taxes.


Sales taxes depend on where the product is delivered or installed.

Here are the sales tax rates in the Vail Valley:

  • 2.9% for Colorado
  • 1.5% for Eagle county
  • 3.0% for Red Cliff
  • 4.0% for Minturn, Avon, Vail, Eagle, Gypsum

So, an item delivered to unincorporated Eagle County (Edwards, Cordillera, Eagle-Vail, etc.) would be charged 2.9 + 1.5 = 4.4% in sales taxes. If delivered to Red Cliff, it would be 7.4%; anywhere else within a municipality in Eagle County will be 8.4%. Projects picked up at our studio are taxed at the Avon rate of 8.4%. Out-of-state deliveries and shipments do not pay sales tax. Time & material jobs only pay taxes on the materials, since service time is exempt from taxation in Colorado.


We look for any excuse to do some traveling, but more importantly, we enjoy seeing the reaction of ecstatic clients. So, we deliver and assemble everything we create, regardless of your location. This is the only way that we can ensure the product’s safe arrival and assembly. There may be a charge for far-away destinations, which will be discussed up front.