Neapolitan Sofa Table

2010 – 58”w x 14”d x 34”h

Wenge, Purpleheart, White Oak, Stained Glass

These clients collect modern art with colorful earth tones and sweeping arcs. They also collect furniture to complement their other art. They wanted a table with lots of contrast and color, coupled with round elements, as a focal point of the room.

I made three pieces for their new home, which was an old Denver elementary school remodeled into several large town-homes.  This sofa table decorates the main living area while the other two pieces (Horizon Entry Table and Pupleheart Mirror) adorn the entryway.

This was a true collaboration as we had more than 9 revisions with heavy involvement from the clients.

There are few straight lines on this table; sweeping stretchers, curved aprons, and soft drawer pulls. The colors of these woods are natural to the species, no paint, stain, or dye was used.  Wenge is a chocolate wood with streaks of black and Purpleheart is actually purple. The White Oak stretchers were steam-bent and the compound angled joinery was quite challenging.

My wife, Stephanie, crafted the stained glass, which spills colorful light across the floor and is a wonderful resolution for the negative space under the drawer. The scene is reminiscent of the nearby prairie that borders the city.


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