Maple Madness Dining table

2010 – 80”w x 40”d x 30”h

Burly Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Wenge

These clients have a dining alcove with built-in bench seating that turns out at an angle, so the design for the dining table allows it to nestle in the space nicely, which maximizes seating capacity. They also wanted a very thick slab appearance, so maple was chosen because it was the only locally available species. They needed seating for at least ten people, which dictated a fairly long table, but not too wide as to intrude on a major traffic corridor. Aside from these few design constraints, they had no idea what style they wanted and I had a blank slate to decorate with my ideas.

Several concept sketches were presented that showed how the various edge shapes would function in the unique space and it only took a few iterations before the clients settled on the current design.

Two 3.5 inch thick red maple slabs were chosen that were consecutive cuts from the same tree, so the book-match was “opened up” to reveal the two mirror faces. Since wood is lost when the slabs are flattened, the mirror image dissipates, so I added a stripe of Wenge down the middle to disguise this natural discrepancy. The underside of the Wenge “breadboard ends” taper to a delicate thinner edge.

The pedestal base is a coopered construction made from many staves of Sugar Maple, then turned on the lathe. The legs extend out far enough to prevent the table from tipping, but far enough in to allow folks to slide around the edge without running into the legs.


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