Floating Maple Shelf #4

2014 – 31.75″w x 5.5″d x 11.25″h (2.5″ thick)
Burly Maple, Cherry, Wenge
For Sale! $290

This shelf is designed to hold light items like pictures, candles, sculptures, etc.  The depth indicates from the wall to the widest point, which varies with the natural  edges.  The height is referring to the vertical cherry shims behind the shelf.

The wall mounting system is very simple and a hardware kit is included with the shelf.  Two dovetail cleats are attached to the wall and the shelf slides onto the cleats.  By design, there will be a little play and the shelf will sag until the vertical shims are slid in place, pushing the shelf out, and providing enough cantilever force to avoid any wobble.

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