Bookworm Desk

2005 – 67″w x 31″d x 30″h

Koa, African Mahogany, Wenge,  Anegre, Maple, Dyed-leather

With its flowing lines and contrasting patterns, this custom desk is a wonderful combination of function and beauty.  It was designed for an accountant who wanted to neatly contain all her computer equipment, back in the days of bulky CPUs.  She is Hawaiian, so I chose Koa, a wood native only to those islands, in a slip-matched veneer pattern emanating from the sitting point.  More visual interest is added with dark Wenge stringing and corners that contrast the lighter surrounding woods.

Functionally, the computer sits on a pull-out tray for access to the wiring which is hidden behind two doors in the knee space.  The right side holds two hanging file drawers and a pull-out writing tray, while the center drawer is actually a keyboard tray that can lock all the drawers.

This custom desk is quite large, so it separates into three main parts for easier transport.  The top comes off and then the cabinet disassembles into two halves behind the knee space to make it easier to get through a doorway.

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